What’s in a name?

It has potential to capture and convey so much about a person, a business, an organization or a team.

Names provide identity, purpose, awareness, recognition and in some cases even fame.  Choosing a name for a business was something that I had no experience with, admittedly.  Yet, I knew that I wanted it to be something unique which would stand for me, without stating the obvious—my actual name.  The name Seay, is a lovely name, but one that is mispronounced regularly.  But, more than that, while I’m proud of me, and while I know that I am the business, I didn’t think my name would tell the whole story.

One thing I’ve always understood in business is that the sum is greater than the parts.  It’s as valuable to know people with the right expertise and knowledge as it is to have those things myself.  The combination of what I know AND what they know can be the difference.

So, I brought in the experts—a coach, along with marketing and graphic design gurus—who helped me discover the essence of my brand.  This process was the catalyst for my newly created business—element c.   

And, magically enough, that name is a reflection of me.  Here’s how….

In a day-long session, my “guru’s” encouraged me to share my story.  What made me unique?  And different?  And why would someone work with me?  Very good questions….and I’ve been pleased that I’ve continued to explore these (almost daily!)—just as I encourage my clients to do.

But, at the end of the day, what makes me unique is that I appreciate and recognize uniqueness—of people, problems, processes–all the particulars or “elements” that make your problem (or opportunity!) uniquely yours.  I help individuals and teams examine the elements of opportunity like:

  • the people involved,
  • the motivators
  • the skills, abilities and goals of the people
  • the environment
  • the external factors and pressures
  • and those pesky internal pressures (the things you tell yourself that hold you back)

Why do I appreciate the unique elements?  Because that’s what makes life interesting.  And challenging. And frustrating.

So, back to the name, you now understand element but what about c?  In the periodic table, C is the 6th element–Carbon.  I’m not sure why it’s not the 1st, because it is the basis for life.  But, did you know that it’s carbon compounds that form things that support life—like carbon dioxide or chloroform?  It’s bringing those elements together that creates the power and gives life.  And, did you know, that carbon does not react under normal conditions?  It takes unusually high temperatures or some other outside force to cause it to react.  But, in that reaction, it creates something even more significant.  Just like that reaction you probably created in the science lab back in the day, I partner with people to create what will make the elements of their life react in a way that brings greater meaning and significance.

Because, like the element C—Carbon—element c (me, my mission) is to help you create the most powerful, sustainable, impactful you—which then allows you to make that unique impact on the world around you.