Our purpose is to help you find yours---by identifying and leveraging all that is unique about you.



Having a coach in your corner can help you challenge your own thinking, address a work or personal issue or think through a complicated problem. element c’s approach to coaching will help you harness your own awareness to take action on things that matter most.



We help you create and live your leadership brand. Whether you’re a new leader or simply looking to enhance your record of achievement, we can be your trusted advisor and supporter when it comes to meeting those goals.


Team Building

You know when you’ve got a team that generates big ideas and consistently gets results---and when you don’t! Teams achieve great things when everyone knows each other's role...and each other's strengths.


Leader Onboarding

Providing superior onboarding support to new leaders creates a platform for outstanding performance. We can tailor onboarding programs for your key talent to catapult their success…and yours.



It’s possible to reserve element c for speaking engagements such as conferences, webinars, retreats and workshops.