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Getting In The Weeds

Along with Spring often comes the lovely task of yard clean up.  In my case, I had an area of our yard that is behind our mostly unseen garage… thereby allowing what I am about to show you to get out of control. As I started to be able to see the weeds through the window of the garage and feared…read more

Revisiting Who I Am

I started element c in 2015, after having been an HR leader in multiple industries for 25 years and having my own career “a-ha”.  I realized that I wanted to make more impact on the lives of leaders (and we’re all leaders!).  And, I wanted to do that with people who desired to make a bigger impact as well.   Out of…read more

The Paradox of 2020

Mid year 2021.  What a difference a year makes!  July 2020, we were deep in the land of virtual get togethers, masks and escalating Covid cases and deaths.  For me, in July 2020, I experienced the unexpected loss of my mom. Navigating grief in the midst of a pandemic seemed to take something that is already challenging to another level.    …read more

Qualities You Need in a Pandemic

It’s been a full year since the beginning of an experience unlike any other in our lifetime.  A Global Pandemic.  If you would have told me last year as we planned our Spring Break trip that it would be the last time—for a long time— that we could travel freely with little concern for our health and safety, I wouldn’t have…read more

You’ve Got a Friend in Me….

The movie Toy Story gives us a view of the complexity of human relationships –even while being told from the point of view of two non-humans.  Woody and Buzz have a complicated relationship that starts differently than it ends and is colored by a common desire to be the favorite friend of their favorite human, Andy. Like these beloved characters, we…read more

Creating a Vision for 2021

Several people I’ve talked to recently have commented that setting goals or making intentions for this upcoming year seems like a futile effort.  With so much that is unknown and how much that seems to change, day by day, what could the value be in creating a plan for the future.? I’ve thought that too and even considered that maybe my…read more

Gifts Already in Your Possession

There’s no doubt this holiday season feels different than most.  Maybe for some of you, it’s quieter as you deal with quarantine, social distancing or even illness.  You might be trying to retain as many of your typical holiday traditions–looking to create a sense of normalcy.  Or, you could be anticipating the holidays as a bright spot amidst an otherwise difficult,…read more

2020–The Year to Be Grateful?

2020, the year we sometimes wish wasn’t. But, if you’re reading this blog, I dare you, right now, to write down five things you’re thankful for from 2020. It’s ok, I’ll wait….. Ok, do you have your 5 things? Here’s 5 I came up with: 1. The very loosely planned, last minute spring break trip before the country shut down mid-…read more

Practicing Productivity

I haven’t been very productive when it comes to writing this blog about productivity.  Want to know why?  Well, there’s a whole host of reasons… Unsure what to write about Think I have an idea and then not exactly sure where to take it Oh, what’s the latest news on COVID, social and racial injustice, the election–better check that out Just…read more

5 Signs You Might Be Meeting Not Collaborating

Ever had one of those days where you were “busy” from the beginning to the end with one meeting after another?  The agendas that were sent in advance (oh, that’s wishful thinking isn’t it) weren’t clear on what you’d be doing/deciding but instead include a laundry list of topics with vague start and stop times.  You notice your energy level has…read more