Accelerate your success.

Whether you’re looking to transform your career, change personal and professional habits and traits within yourself, or build an effective team at work, you have a definition of success in mind. element c can help you get there faster than you would by yourself.

Working with you one-on-one, we’re able to listen to what you’re really saying and develop a unique path forward.

Here’s what Element C clients have to say…

We recently partnered with Lisa to organize a leadership and goal-setting session for our team. She worked cohesively with a conference coordinator to develop a rich understanding of the purpose and goals for the day. Lisa’s experience in dissecting challenges was evident as she helped us to “drill down” into each topic. From there she helped identify and prioritize the specific tasks necessary for the session. We were thrilled with the level of detail and coaching assistance she provided to the conference coordinator. Lisa truly made the entire planning process quite painless. What’s more, her professionalism and genuine desire to help develop a successful event were evident every step of the way. The day was entirely positive — and the feedback from everyone present was the same. The team concluded the day feeling empowered, energized and refocused for success.

Lisa Seay, a local motivational speaker, was the highlight of the evening discussing “Finding Our Purpose in Life” amid daily challenges and responsibilities.  Not only did she get everyone thinking but excited about the many opportunities to start new careers, revive current ones, volunteer and find the courage to pursue one’s dreams and endeavors.