3 Ways to turn Resolutions into Successes

We are in the season of resolutions.  Are you among the hundreds of thousands of people who make resolutions—or those who adamantly don’t?  Some of the more popular new years resolutions (and the percentage who attempt are pictured below).

Well, whether you make resolutions or don’t, it’s likely that you could think of one thing that you would like to be different in 2017.  Something that if it became reality would make it a better year than 2016.

What if you had a way to quickly clarify what you want, think through why you haven’t achieved it and create a plan to move forward?  Would that make a difference—to be one of the resolution makers who succeeds? Or, if you’re someone who doesn’t set resolutions, would you—if you had a partner to help you not just set the resolution but come up with a realistic plan to move towards it?

That’s where power coaching comes in.    Coaching can help you hone in on a goal, why it’s important to you, reasons you may have trouble achieving it AND harness your ability to make something happen.  Sound helpful?

What do you want to pay more attention to in 2017?  Maybe it’s a personal or professional goal.  Or maybe it’s just something you want to figure out—what’s holding you back in my career, what brings you joy and how can you do more of it?  A power coaching session will help you do 3 things:

  1. Create CLARITY—what is my goal, why is it important, what do I gain by achieving it. For many, the reason resolutions quickly become a distant memory is that there is no clear awareness of why you’re setting the resolution—really—not just lose weight or eat healthy–but WHY?  To fit into a great dress? attract a spouse? live longer?—the reason matters.
  1. Identify CONSTRAINTS—what gets in my way and why? What throws us off track?  How have we handled those roadblocks in the past and gotten past them?  What could be done to remove the obstacles?
  1. Express COMMITMENT—what can and will you do differently to move you towards that goal?

In a 30 minute power coaching session, you will create clarity, identify constraints and commit—yes, actually commit to something you can do to move you closer toward your goal.  Sign up here and let’s tackle 2017 together!