Taking Action…or Not

A commitment to doing something daily

Recently, the practice of daily blogging came to my attention.  Then, my attention was blinded by overwhelm, indecision and inaction.  Unfortunately.

I made an announcement on Facebook Live that on Election Day, 2018, I had elected myself as a daily blogger.  But, then, the ideas on my phone’s notepad, primed for blogging, sat alone.

What’s to be learned from intention followed by inaction?    A few things….

Good intention doesn’t produce anything…by itself.

Lack of action doesn’t have to be permanent.

Fear of failure will get in the way of something that could really serve you.

There will always be something more important to do…at least in the moment.

Admitting that things didn’t go as planned shows your humility and your humanity.

So, here we go…I have the intention to blog daily. Some days I’ll accomplish that and some days I won’t.  But, I’ll learn from both doing and not doing.

What can you turn from an intention to a daily practice?