Frustrating yet Fixable


Do you find yourself reading a piece of mail, something on your phone or a menu in a restaurant and the words in front of you aren’t as clear as they used to be?  If you’re over 40, you may be like me and had this condition of growing older beset you.


It’s annoying..in a relatively minor way… if you consider all the other annoying things in the world—like drivers who don’t use a turn signal (that’s a blog for another day).  But, it’s an annoyance that I’ve had to respond to with some new behaviors.


Just like anything that creates a change in our normal way of doing things, I’ve had to meet this new way of being head-on.  Things that are fuzzy in front of me can be fixed ….or I can choose to be frustrated by the blurriness.  On a good day, when I’m able to confront that I’m growing older, my eyes aren’t the same as they used to be and there’s no reason to suffer…here’s what I do.


  1. Have the right tools available.  Mainly my readers.
  2. Adjust my conditions.  Usually by shedding light on the blurriness.
  3. Engage help.  Yes, I have an eye doctor appt to make sure this is nothing more than the aging process.


When you’re facing something that is unclear, are you prepared with the right conditions, the tools and someone to lean on for help and support? Don’t stay frustrated with the fuzziness when it’s all fixable!