I shook my head a bit at myself as I realized that an easier way to do something has been in front of me, for over a year now.  In the big scheme of life, I would say this does not win the award for greatest awareness ever but it did catch my attention for perhaps its relevance to other areas of our life. You tell me if it’s a stretch.


I’ve been working in a shared office space for close to 3 years. For the first 2.5 years, I pulled into the parking lot, always parking in the lot most accessible in a different spot every day depending on when I arrived. One day, for whatever reason, I decided to pull around to the opposite side of the building and would you know, there was a Mecca of available spots, some of which with a level of shade—a valuable thing during our 100 plus degree days in Texas.  And, not many people park back there so it’s almost like I have a reserved parking space everyday.  I don’t know why, but it makes me happy!!


So, like other things in life, I thought I’d really accomplished something and have been sitting back and basking sat back and have been basking in my new found self derived reserved parking spot.  You would think it couldn’t get much better, right?


Yesterday, after being frustrated with traffic challenges it seems like every time I got in the car, I looked around that parking lot and figured out there might might an exit through the back of the lot that would help me avoid a congested area and get to where I needed to be to pick up my kids. Usually, My exit strategy was the same every day.  when I left the office mid morning or mid afternoon, no problem. But leaving during prime commute time was a different story.


So, I ventured out a different way and what did I notice?


  • It’s fun to take a different way. Seeing something new, trying a different way made me feel, I dare say, kind of adventurous.


  • As I’m enjoying my new found exit, I also wondered what took me so long? The phrase “you idiot” may have crept in too.


  • I have a more direct route to Starbucks and a few lunch spots—they’re even close enough to walk without having to be on a major street with no sidewalks. Walking to get my latte…I  might try that soon!


  • How easy it is to do what we’ve always done—even when it’s slowing us down?  And sometimes a different way is right in front of us if we’ll only stop to consider doing something different.


What’s causing you frustration because you think there’s only one way to handle it?  Have you considered a different route or exit strategy. Try it and see what you find!