Practicing Productivity

what gets in the way and what to do about it

I haven’t been very productive when it comes to writing this blog about productivity.  Want to know why?  Well, there’s a whole host of reasons…

  1. Unsure what to write about
  2. Think I have an idea and then not exactly sure where to take it
  3. Oh, what’s the latest news on COVID, social and racial injustice, the election–better check that out
  4. Just remembered about that thing I said I’d do 3 days ago…I’ll just do that before I forget
  5. Facebook
  6. It’s time for that meeting; I’ll get back to this later
  7. What should I write about?
  8. Bing–someone’s texting, Group Me’d, notified me that my favorite store is having a sale
  9. I have an idea…let me research that online
  10. Who’s texting me, calling me, thinking about me, might want to talk to me…oh, I better write an email, make a call, send a text…and so it goes


Even if I respond to just one of those distractions, I get off course from writing the blog post I very much want to write.  And, although I’m running against a deadline, my attention wanders, the distractions mount and I wonder…how can I get this done more productively the next time?

Why does productivity matter?  Well, as a company of 1, what I individually do has a direct impact on the success of my business.  My productivity matters when it comes to achieving not only my financial goals but when it comes to the dreams and desires I have for my business.  And, you too, whether your work for yourself, for a company or work inside the home and don’t receive a paycheck should be paying attention to productivity.  Here’s why…

  1.     We only have so many hours in the day.

Don’t we want to dedicate to the most important things (as determined by us?)

2.  Resources like time, money and energy are valuable and are not in endless supply.

Don’t we want to use these resources to make the most impactful difference for our own life and for those lives around us.

3.  We can’t be experts at everything.

Don’t we want to leverage the expertise of others when it’s called for so that we don’t have to waste our time on something that someone else can get done more effectively and efficiently?

Where could you stand to be more productive?  What impact will it have for you and those around you?

You can learn more a out this topic along with specific techniques to help you train your brain to be more productive.    Join us on Oct 14 at 9a CST.  You can register using this link.

Go make it a powerfully productive day!