2020–The Year to Be Grateful?

2020, the year we sometimes wish wasn’t. But, if you’re reading this blog, I dare you, right now, to write down five things you’re thankful for from 2020.

It’s ok, I’ll wait…..

Ok, do you have your 5 things?

Here’s 5 I came up with:

1. The very loosely planned, last minute spring break trip before the country shut down mid- March

2. The advent of the birthday car parade. I don’t know why this wasn’t a thing before Covid, but I love seeing a parade for anyone or anything…even if I don’t know the person!

3. The experience being home with my kids and husband for part of the spring semester of school and equally grateful (as were my kids) when they went back to school following Labor Day.

4. Clients….all of them…who prioritize their own development and by doing so have allowed me to celebrate 5 years in business this year

5. The love and support I felt and continue to feel following the passing of my Mom in July

Notice what becoming thankful for those things did for you. Maybe it made you slow down and really think about those things for which you’re grateful? Or maybe a belief you had about something shifted once you incorporated some gratitude into your day. You actually did something for your brain by expressing thankfulness. In stopping to reflect for as long as it took you to write down those five things, you increased your level of dopamine in your brain. And, more dopamine equals better brain productivity. Less dopamine has been linked to impairments when it comes to memory and thinking. You also increase serotonin when you express gratitude and that helps regulate our mood and contributes to higher level of happiness.

As we begin the month, I’d like to challenge you. Take a pause at least once a day and notice something you’re thankful for. Jot it down–on a list on your phone, in a notebook, on a whiteboard or a piece of paper that you put on the refrigerator. I will check in with you at the end of the month to find out what you observed. Throughout November, I’ll be asking you to share in the Level Up Your Career Facebook Group so get ready, get set, get grateful!