Gifts Already in Your Possession

There’s no doubt this holiday season feels different than most.  Maybe for some of you, it’s quieter as you deal with quarantine, social distancing or even illness.  You might be trying to retain as many of your typical holiday traditions–looking to create a sense of normalcy.  Or, you could be anticipating the holidays as a bright spot amidst an otherwise difficult, sometimes dark, year.

No matter how you view the season, there is one thing I don’t want you to miss.  It’s a present you don’t have to purchase and you already have it in your possession.  And, that is the unique collection of your own gifts, talents and strengths.  It’s there for you to unwrap!

Why should you unwrap your gifts as soon as possible?

  1. Research shows that focusing on your strengths can boost positive emotion which fuels our energy and our inspiration.  I’m betting at least once during this pandemic, you could use a boost in those areas!
  2. When you understand your own strengths and see the power in leveraging them, you’ll be more tuned in to noticing the strengths of others and designing teams and work groups in a way that incorporates the best that each individual has to offer.

You have everything you need to wrap up this year and begin 2021 in a strong way.  Your gifts are with you always; the question is whether or not you have unwrapped them fully. Do you use them every day in all that you do, or are they like the gifts I sometimes buy and tuck away…..forgotten until they’re discovered often after the occasion has passed?

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