Creating a Vision for 2021

Despite Uncertain Times

Several people I’ve talked to recently have commented that setting goals or making intentions for this upcoming year seems like a futile effort.  With so much that is unknown and how much that seems to change, day by day, what could the value be in creating a plan for the future.? I’ve thought that too and even considered that maybe my word for the year should be something like survive or just be.

However, it is times like this that vision and a plan are even more necessary.  The uncertainty of the times assures us that without a plan, we will get to the end of the year and guess what, there will still be things that are uncertain and we will likely feel less than motivated (again) to make a plan.

When it comes to the age-old tradition of goal setting in the new year–the majority of people do it the same way….making a written list (and then forgetting where said list is and thereby forgetting the goals written on the list; or worse yet, making a mental note of those resolutions (we know where that gets a lot of us Gen Z’er’s–out of sight, out of mind!).  But, think about it….

There’s a reason that stories with pictures are more exciting, that movies get our attention more than books (even though the book is always better) and that graphic novels are now a thing.

We, as a society, are drawn to color, pictures and movement.

And that’s where visualization comes in….as a colorful, visual and actionable representation of our goals.  It can be a very powerful partner to the goal setting process.  Don’t leave me here….I don’t mean some deep hypnosis that takes you into a place far far away.  No, visualization meaning simply picturing the goal, why we want it or even us achieving the goal.  It adds the color, the movement and the picture to that goal on the page.  And, by doing so, makes achievement more likely.

This year, as you contemplate whether to set goals for the upcoming year or if you’ve already made your list, picture in your mind what is connected to those goals (and better yet, how does that picture connect to your personal values?)

An example:

In 2021, I want to spend more time with family.  Eh…it’s a goal but will be very hard to achieve in the current state.  To make it more meaningful and bring it to life more fully, visualize:

  • What am I doing when I’m spending time with family?
  • How much time do I want to be spending (daily, weekly, monthly or annually)?
  • What changes for me in other areas of my life when I spend more time with family (and picture those changes)?
  • Where does family fall in terms of my values and then how does my current picture of time with family align to my values (or not!)?

Join me for my monthly webinar where I’ll talk more about this topic–the rationale for visualization and some practical ways to make it a part of your goal setting process.

Looking forward to seeing you!  I’m “visualizing” it!