At element c, we effectively design a transformative roadmap based on your specific needs and goals. You see, it’s not an off-the-shelf package. It’s a one-to-one connection that comes from listening and talking with you. Then, based on our conversations, we can create a way forward for you to help reach your goals.



Just because it’s called coaching doesn’t mean we work from a playbook. Every one of our clients is different—just like every one of our customized coaching plans.



Are you a leader who needs help managing your team? Or maybe you’re a team member who’s ready to become a leader? We can help you learn how to manage down or up, depending on your specific goals and timeframe.


Team Building

Two heads are better than one. So the right team should really be able to generate some big ideas and results provided everyone is moving in the same direction.

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Dealing with being misunderstood

  Back in my teenage years, the phrase “You don’t understand me!” was uttered frequently–whether it be out loud or under my breath. Well, let’s be honest, it might have just been my eye-rolling that said to my parents…”you just don’t get me!” While being misunderstood as a teenager is a common issue and there is no shortage of books and…read more