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Taking Action…or Not

Recently, the practice of daily blogging came to my attention.  Then, my attention was blinded by overwhelm, indecision and inaction.  Unfortunately. I made an announcement on Facebook Live that on Election Day, 2018, I had elected myself as a daily blogger.  But, then, the ideas on my phone’s notepad, primed for blogging, sat alone. What’s to be learned from intention followed…read more

One of those days..

Ever had a day when there’s just one irritation after another? Nothing in and of itself that makes you want to crawl back under the covers. But, put it all together, it’s one big annoyance. Many of us face those kinds of days frequently, when things are beyond our control and we’re just dealing with what’s thrown at us. This month…read more

If You Could Have Been in the Room

Recently, I made a decision that took me out of my comfort zone. Went to a retreat… in Edinburgh, Scotland. I know, lucky me, right? Although, I could have very easily not been there. I was given this opportunity to attend this retreat many times over the last six months and had dismissed it every time. For lots of “good” reasons: It’s…read more

17 Lessons From 17 Innings

If you’re a softball fan, chances are you didn’t get to bed early last night. The first game of the Women’s College World Series (WCWS) was one for the record books.  It was the longest game ever in WCWS history (over 5 hours, 17 innings) and it also was the most watched Game 1 of the series with over 1.6M viewers….read more

Dealing with being misunderstood

  Back in my teenage years, the phrase “You don’t understand me!” was uttered frequently–whether it be out loud or under my breath. Well, let’s be honest, it might have just been my eye-rolling that said to my parents…”you just don’t get me!” While being misunderstood as a teenager is a common issue and there is no shortage of books and…read more

3 Ways to turn Resolutions into Successes

We are in the season of resolutions.  Are you among the hundreds of thousands of people who make resolutions—or those who adamantly don’t?  Some of the more popular new years resolutions (and the percentage who attempt are pictured below). Well, whether you make resolutions or don’t, it’s likely that you could think of one thing that you would like to be…read more

What’s in a name?

Names provide identity, purpose, awareness, recognition and in some cases even fame.  Choosing a name for a business was something that I had no experience with, admittedly.  Yet, I knew that I wanted it to be something unique which would stand for me, without stating the obvious—my actual name.  The name Seay, is a lovely name, but one that is mispronounced…read more