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2020–The Year to Be Grateful?

2020, the year we sometimes wish wasn’t. But, if you’re reading this blog, I dare you, right now, to write down five things you’re thankful for from 2020. It’s ok, I’ll wait….. Ok, do you have your 5 things? Here’s 5 I came up with: 1. The very loosely planned, last minute spring break trip before the country shut down mid-…read more

Practicing Productivity

I haven’t been very productive when it comes to writing this blog about productivity.  Want to know why?  Well, there’s a whole host of reasons… Unsure what to write about Think I have an idea and then not exactly sure where to take it Oh, what’s the latest news on COVID, social and racial injustice, the election–better check that out Just…read more

5 Signs You Might Be Meeting Not Collaborating

Ever had one of those days where you were “busy” from the beginning to the end with one meeting after another?  The agendas that were sent in advance (oh, that’s wishful thinking isn’t it) weren’t clear on what you’d be doing/deciding but instead include a laundry list of topics with vague start and stop times.  You notice your energy level has…read more

This Little Light of Mine…

Over a year ago, I bought a friendship lamp for one of my friends.  Haven’t heard of them?  It’s a nifty invention that when linked together and connected to wifi allow one friend to touch the lamp and for the other friend (many miles away) to see her lamp light up.  A sign from afar that you’re being thought of. Truth…read more

Strengthen Your Connections

One thing we don’t lack in this world are WAYS to connect.  Many people, however, lack  CONNECTION.  In 2018, Cigna did a study that revealed 54% of Americans in the survey reported feeling lonely.  Only one year later, in 2019, that number rose to 61%– that’s 3 in 5 Americans. Even before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the internet was…read more

5 Ways to FOCUS

This will not be a surprise, but I’m finding it hard to concentrate!  Many distractions were eliminated when Covid-19 and quarantining became a thing.  The schedule of commitments, events and things we’d wish we’d said no to— but were somehow still obligated to–suddenly stopped.  So, shouldn’t it be easy to focus our attention on what’s most important?  If you’re anything like…read more

I Think the Best, I Expect the Best

  In the eighth grade, I won first place in the Optimist International Oratory contest.  For those of you who know me, you may not be surprised that a contest that involves talking was one that I had the capability to win back in the day!  Recently, I found a typewritten, yellowed copy of my speech titled “I Think the Best,…read more

Remind Revise Renew

Ready for some good news?  2020 is a Leap Year – meaning we get one extra day this year to accomplish all that we set out to do, as of January 1. This may be a welcome reminder seeing that we’ve spent the last 30 or so days in quarantine.  Even if we haven’t been sheltering in place to an extreme…read more


I shook my head a bit at myself as I realized that an easier way to do something has been in front of me, for over a year now.  In the big scheme of life, I would say this does not win the award for greatest awareness ever but it did catch my attention for perhaps its relevance to other areas…read more


  Do you find yourself reading a piece of mail, something on your phone or a menu in a restaurant and the words in front of you aren’t as clear as they used to be?  If you’re over 40, you may be like me and had this condition of growing older beset you.   It’s a relatively minor way… if…read more